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This page you have reached is for employees only. Above are the links to online email and the remote server if you have been given access. In the Employee Portal, you’ll find important documents such as:

  • Request Time-Off Forms
  • Time Sheets
  • Mileage Reimbursement Forms
  • Expense Reports
  • Benefits and Insurance Information and Forms
  • Apprenticeships Forms and Applications
  • Jobsite Postings
  • Testing and Training Material
  • Other general forms

Please check with your Project Manager, Human Resources Manager, and/or IT Department to verify your access to the Employee Portal.

Please note that all documents are confidential and for the explicit use of SME employees only.

SME’s philosophy is based on a reverse pyramid structure, where upper management and owners are at the bottom of the pyramid. Above them is the office and supporting staff. Finally, our field employees and supervisors are placed at the top of the pyramid, due to the fact that they have the most contact with clients and are the faces of SME.