Head of Estimating

Phone: 614-522-8056


A lifelong resident of Ohio, Matt joined SME as part of the estimating department in 2003. Through 12 years of experience and personal development Matt has served the company in a key leadership role as head of estimating and expanding his experience on to our legal form administrator.

Matt began at The Ohio State University in Construction Systems Management. Graduating with high marks, he partnered with a local general contractor and began working with the OFCC and local school districts within the confines of construction. After joining, SME, Matt became involved with the BX and the AGC scholarship committee. He also assists programs at The Ohio State University to obtain more notoriety in the development of the Constriction Systems Management Program.

Through estimating Matt has been involved with budgeting, planning and cost analysis. Networking and building relationship with other vendors is a key component in his position.

Matt and Bethen Johnson live in Galena with their children.